XVI National day

children victims of violence, indifference and exploitation


“I’ll look for you, I’ll listen to you, I’ll heal you”

This is the theme of the sixteenth day of children victims of violence, exploitation and indifference ... against pedophilia (Italian: GBV, Giornata Bambini Vittime), which will be celebrated nationally and internationally, as every year, from April 25 to end the first Sunday of May (which this 'year marks day 6).

For 16 years the Association Meter, social and ecclesial reality in the world committed to the protection of children against abuse, pedophilia and child pornography, has been celebrating the annual event to commemorate the victims of unjustified acts of violence, exploitation and indifference on children. The GBV enhances generosity, wisdom and strength to the weak proximity to a path of selfless offering of time, the human and spiritual resources for the small and weak, the work of the Love of God and of men and women of good will.

The theme of this year is to reflect on the responsibility of adults towards children. Our task is to look for vulnerable children by listening to their messages and the identification of their needs are not always expressed. Only an adult, able to understand fully the requests for help a child, will be able to accompany him in his healing process.

Meter invites you to join in the celebrations for the GBV through prayer and the realization of activities for children, in parishes, oratories, schools and municipalities. You will find attached a prayer that could be read in the Sunday Eucharistic celebrations of April 29th and May 6th.

May 6th, LET’S GET TO SAN PETER BASILICA IN ROME FOR THE 12.00 O’ CLOCK PAPAL REGINA COELI PRAYER - Please note that on Sunday May 6th, 2012, Meter volunteers, families, communities and friends will gather in St. Peter's Day Children Victims to pray with the Pope, at 12.00 am, the recitation of the Regina Coeli.
You can organize themselves and to spread the initiative across social networks, media, and place ads in every area. Please, if youcome to Rome, use caps, shirts and banners including the new logo Meter.

Whe have two different kind of logos: a) DAY CHILDREN VICTIMS of violence, exploitation and indifference ... against pedophilia. In addition to the theme: " I’ll look for you, I’ll listen to you, I’ll heal you. '" The new logo can be downloaded from the Site Meter www.associazionemeter.org. For further information write to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo., or call us at 0039 931 564872.

And “manager who grows a conscience, is a concern that spreads”.

Father Fortunato Di Noto

Avola (Sr), March 6, 2012