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bambinivittimeof violence, exploitation and indifference - against pedophilia

BRIEF HISTORICAL NOTE on GBV – Day of Children victims of violence, exploitation and indifference. Against pedophilia

The Day of Children Victims (GBV – Giornata Bambini Vittime, in Italian) of violence, exploitation and of indifference, against pedophilia), is celebrated since 1995, at the request of families and groups of children of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish in Avola (SR) and of Father Fortunato Di Noto’s Meter NPO, following the attempted murder of a girl of 11 yearsold, the accounts of some child abuses and the suicide of a 14 years old boy.

The escalation of child abuse at a criminal level and the resulting pseudo-celebrations of “pedophile pride’,’ imposed a further impetus to the GBV who, through the efforts of Meter volunteers, has taken over the years a national character.

In 2002, on institutional and ecclesial solicitation, the GBV has become an appointment and a strong appeal in Italy and abroad for the Church, the civil society and the political and cultural realities.

The bishops, in their Dioceses, invited the ecclesial communities to pray and reflect on the condition of children and infants. Parishes and associations, year after year, have been involved in this event.

The highest offices of state (President of the Republic, President of the Senate and Speaker of the House), as well as ministries and local authorities (regions, provinces and municipalities) have always adhered to the initiative, sending messages and celebrating moments of remembrance and awareness with the involvement of universities, schools and political groupings, trade unions and cultural associations.

Meter branches, present in different Italian cities, and the volounteers abroad, are committed to promoting the GBV every year, from April 25th to the first Sunday of May, in two fundamental moments of celebration: the first memorial moment, with prayers and reflections about child abuse and child abuse victims; the second dedicated to children and their families through activities and meetings intended to develop reflection and information.

Pope Francis has always sent his “special message” to the GBV, as already did its predecessor, Pope
Benedict XVI.

In 2011, Meter NPO was also awarded with the “medal of representation” from the former President of the Italian Republic, Hon. Giorgio Napolitano.

FOR MORE INFOS: please surf, where you can download stuff for reflection, for prayer moments and for the deepening of child abuse theme.


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